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The Attorney and Mr. Ghost

The Attorney was preparing for a hearing in the Faust case, when someone saying his name cut through his concentration.  He looked up to see a spectral image floating in front of his desk.

“You can see me!  Good!” said the Ghost, excitedly.

“Who are you and what do you want?”  The Attorney wondered what was in his coffee.  The Ghost looked and sounded familiar, though.

“Remember me?  I came in to see you just before I went on that trip to the North Pole last year,” the Ghost responded.

That did the trick.  “Ah, yes.  We talked about getting your will done.  You never did, though.  Your Widow hired us to help with your estate.  What possessed you to try to get a selfie with that sleeping polar bear?”

“The polar bear overreacted; I am not here about that.  My Widow either is ignoring me or she cannot see me.  Either way, I need you to tell her how I want things done.  Take my ’85 Yugo, for example.  I loved that car and I wanted it to go to my Cousin.  Instead, she is donating the car to that polar bear preservation charity.  I think she is doing that to spite me.  Then there is –”

The Attorney held up his hand to interrupt, “First, I am not sure this is really is happening.  Second, if this is really happening, you lost your right to say what you wanted to go where when you became polar bear chow.  Dead people do not have standing to come back and object to how their estates are handled.”  He could not believe he just said that.

“Seriously?!  I will sue!”

“Good luck with that.  Courts in this jurisdiction do not accept spectral evidence.”  The Attorney still could not believe he was having this conversation.  “Remember that I represent your Widow as the executor.  Consult with another lawyer about your rights.  Now, sir, please go.”

The Ghost grew angry, swelling in size.  “How about I just haunt this office until you change your mind?”  A strong wind centered on the Ghost whipped around the office, picking up anything light.  The wall hangings started to come off the wall.  A disembodied, unearthly wail rose in volume.

The Paralegal burst into the room amidst the chaos.  She was holding a book in one hand, tossing salt at the Ghost with her other hand, and saying something in Latin.  The Ghost looked shocked as it disappeared.  The wind and wailing ended just as suddenly.

“What was that?”  The Attorney asked, similarly shocked.

Holding the book up, the Paralegal said, “The copy of Exorcism for Dummies that I got for the office.  I thought we may need it once you started taking on clients who sold their souls to the netherworld.  Let me help you pick up this mess.”

“Good call and thanks.”

They both started picking up.  The Paralegal seemed to have read the Attorney’s mind when she said, “What are you going to tell the Widow?”

The Attorney sighed.  “Perhaps she will sell that Yugo to the Cousin and donate the money instead.”

The law has a formula for who handles the estate of people who die without a will.  The law or your heirs may want to divide your estate in a way that you do not want.  Take the time to get a will in place to express your wishes, or you take the risk that the law or your heirs get it wrong.

This post provides general information only.  This post is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship or to be legal advice about your situation.  A blog article is not a substitute for legal advice that fits your situation.  Laws change and your situation may be different.  You should consult with a licensed attorney for legal advice specific to your circumstances.

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